Riddi Deora Success Story After DDIP

Riddi Deora Success Story After DDIP

Riddi Deora’s journey from a lackluster retail business to a digital-savvy influencer with 50k Instagram followers, selling profitable digital products, and scaling ten lakhs within a brief span is an inspiration to one and all. Riddi credits her transformation journey to DDIP. 

Riddi was into the apparel retailing business through e-commerce sites. “Digital” for her was just Amazon, Flipkart, and Instagram. She never thought of exploring the enormous digital world. 

Riddi, as a young, loving mother, enjoyed sharing her parenting tips on Instagram.

The global pandemic arrived in 2020 as Coronavirus, which left a devastating blow on the economy and other spheres. Riddi’s retail business, too, was neither spared. She had to pull the shutters down.

Amidst the shock, negativity, fear, and fatality Corona had engulfed, Riddhi neither lost hope nor demotivated. A trait she says she has inherited from her father. She stayed positive and assured herself that she plainly would lose money and not life.

She needed to figure out what her next plan was and how to execute it. It was time to buck up and chalk out the future.

So what was her next move?

Riddi used the lockdown period, upskilling herself and exploring the digital world. Learned the art to create captivating content and floated her website. 

On Instagram, she posted short videos with powerful content on parenting skills. She equipped herself to create physical products, but there was a roadblock. She did not know “how to sell them.” 

So she registered for DMC 199 (not sure of the name, will cross-check) charity calls.

The outcome was all the digital marketing courses re-targeting her mail.

DDIP batch 4 internship was one of them.

Riddi is an impulsive buyer when it comes to knowledge. 

She enrolled in the DDIP Internship Program and described her internship journey as “amazing and productive.” 

She shares the key takeaways of the DDIP program, which made Riddi grow as a personal brand.

  • Riddi proudly says she had reimbursed the Internship course money the day she watched “Success Mindset”, the internship program’s first lesson.
  • A comprehensive course full of gratifying content that completely changed the direction of her life. 
  • It was a well-structured course and compiled in a holistic bundle.
  • Topics like SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, lead generation, Email Marketing, WordPress Blog, etc., strengthened the marketing concepts.
  • Execution of the learned concepts through assignments enhanced the practical experience.
  • Tribe building, access to the community of like-minded people helped in distress and in generating ideas.
  • Feedback from fellow interns helped her build a personal brand.
  • Helped her to create a perfect gig in a webinar hosted by Digital Deepak.
  • Grasped the skill to create physical products and monetised them through Instagram.

So how did she execute the knowledge she gained in the internship program?

She executed it was step by step, as guided in the Internship.

Riddi exploited Instagram to the fullest. She created short videos ranging from 40 seconds to 2 to 3 minutes, keeping kids’ screen time in mind. The focus was on vocabulary, numbers, shapes, and colours.  

Riddi followed the golden rule endorsed by Digital Deepak.

What is the golden rule?

The golden rule was to focus on content to build a perfect brand. People follow personal brands, not products. People need nutritional content. If you have an excellent product, you don’t need a marketer.

She executed her golden plan by designing a survey questionnaire before creating the first digital product. The survey had a single question but of paramount importance.

The question that generated robust data was;

What is the biggest parenting challenge?

She recorded 130 responses, ranging from stress, mindful parenting, confidence, smart kid, food, etc. She assembled the bucket of challenges and created products for each challenge. 

Riddi’s constant interaction with the parents helped her in getting ideas. Mothers always want the best for their child, so their opinions were fail-proof. She compiled the ideas and created information on knowing your letters, numbers, colours, shapes, animals, plants, etc., for the little minds.

She compiled a bundle of products both in physical and digital form and monetised through Instagram. 

The internship program taught her the two essential aspects of website functionality and aesthetics. Her website, which she took pride in till now, realised they were lagging in so many aspects. Sadly, her website only had aesthetics and no functionality and failed to create a system to attract the leads. She laid her focus on building her website.

Riddi started handling Instagram handles for others, and with a hint of a smile, she says her client’s Instagrams looked better than hers. But, of course, this earned her passive income.

To get the feedback, Ridd started communicating with parents on a one-to-one basis. It generated a storehouse of ideas and parenting worries. In the beginning, Riddi did not charge for the one-to-one call services.  Now she levies a nominal amount for the individualised services.

It was webinar time for Riddi. 

It overwhelmed her, as many people signed up for it.

Riddi spoke about the activity where parents had to sit with their child ten times for ten minutes to do a small exercise in the webinar.

It could be colour or write. Since the mother was interacting for ten minutes, both the mother and child were happy. It delighted mothers as they spent quality time with their children, and the kids were less cranky and more active and looked forward to their activities.

Riddi proudly says this webinar is one of the most liked videos on YouTube. 

Riddi, unaware of what a webinar is now conducting a successful one, shows how DDIP has sculpted her to face the colossal digital world.

Riddi’s vantage moment was the one-to-one call with Digital Deepak to share her internship journey. It overwhelmed her when strategies and ideas started flowing from the mentor himself.

Riddi suffered from the mental block of her being not technologically driven. Even for simple tasks like changing from Netflix to Amazon Prime, she would pass the remote to her husband. 

DDIP helped her overcome the mental block, equipped her with digital skills, and hoisted her to another level.

Instagram, which was just a passion for Riddi before DDIP. Now she started monetising her passion through Instagram.

Despite having a master’s degree and giving up a lucrative job, the retail venture was not financially rewarding her, putting her confidence levels at the lowest ebb. She would avoid meeting her friends to avoid cynicism.  

Today DDIP has helped her overcome this friction. Riddi has elevated herself as an influencer on Instagram with 50k followers and selling digital products and scaled her income to 10 lakhs. 

The first step of her journey’s success has many grand plans before she reaches the vantage point.

Digital marketing is THE loudspeaker technology that transcends time and location, and Digital Deepak has proved this in his internship program.

It is just a matter of time before Riddi reaches her destination to add value to people’s life.

Riddi wholeheartedly thanks DDIP for giving the roadmap with a quintessential navigator. 


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