Journey of Lalit Sharma Intern of Batch 4 at DDIP

Journey of Lalit Sharma Intern of Batch 4 at DDIP

Lalit Sharma’s journey from a Mechanical Engineering student to the world of Digital Freelancing is metamorphic and motivational.

Lalit avidly watched Digital Deepak’s Ted Talks, where Deepak shared his motorcycle blogging experience and how it transformed his life. It is during the talk shows, Digital Deepak’s Internship Program for Digital Marketing popped up. Lalit was eager to join, but financial constraints compelled Lalit to put the Internship on hold. But he had set his sights on DDIP for the near future.

His next agenda was to pool in 15k to join the DDIP program.

So what did Lalit do?

He picked a few tricks of digital marketing and started his blog, “Fashion”. This part-time venture gave him the power to save 15k, and he enrolled in DDIP for Batch 4.

In the beginning, Lalit was sceptical about the cashback offer provided after completing the assignments. He had this gut feeling the assignments would be heavily theory-based, making it difficult to avail the cashback.

All the doubts and scepticism took a backseat the moment he started his internship program.

Lalit, when asked what do you think of the DDIP program, without blinking an eye, said “FANTASTIC”.

So what were the key takeaways of DDIP which made Lalit say fantastic?.

Let’s break down the key takeaways of the Internship program which made Lalit speak with such great awe:

  • Immaculate and well-planned internship course structure.
  • Forty hours of pure and high-quality content about Digital Marketing and taught coherently.
  • Well structured Q and A session by the Digital Deepak team and a well-structured assignment tutorial by Digital Deepak himself.

  • CASH BACKS is an integral part of the internship.
  • Assignments are purely practical tasks, which resonate with theoretical learning.
  • Decoding the assignments compelled him to be the action taker by coming out of his comfort zone.

  • He practised the skills preached by the mentor.
  • Thus getting the cash backs was not an uphill task. Cashback strengthened the confidence and trust factor between the learner and the mentor.

  • The telegram group was the perfect and vibrant community. It was a concoction of people of all ages and fields. It was about sharing and helping one another rise and fall back for help.
  •  Lalit took advantage of this community, earned clients within the community, and leveraged his DM skills. It proved to be a perfect base to gain freelancing experience.

  • Core topics like Sales and conversion SEO, Facebook and Google ads, personal branding, digital freelancing, lead magnets, lead generation, email marketing automation, and many more helped him confidently face the digital marketing world.
  • The internship showed the reality of digital marketing and how digital marketing can amplify one’s thoughts and perceptions.

Lalit was always in awe of Youtubers. DDIP made him realise that a few YouTubers were not providing content that had value. DDIP was successful in building trust because of the value it added through your services. 

Lalit wishes to follow and emulate Deepak’s footsteps by providing content that would add value and change one’s direction towards life and career.

Digital Deepak has been his primary influence. The community influence, too, has added value to his life. DDIP and the skills learnt have infused him with the conviction that he can help other influencers earn money through digital marketing by creating a store and marketing their merchandise.

Lalit proudly recounts an incident that put him on an utterly high pedestal. In one of the soft skill classes, the teacher retracted looking at his LinkedIn profile, as it looked more potent than the teacher. When questioned how he managed a robust profile, his split-second answer was, “All the credit goes to DDIP”. 

Lalit’s favourite topics from the course are personal branding and success mindset, and he never gets bored with watching “Success Mindset”.

Lalit has invested in his workspace, which shows his seriousness. The walls of his workspace have sayings of Elon Musk for motivation. He says he has picked up the art of reading and thanks to Digital Deepak because it is customary for the mentor to share a list of the books. He plans to write a book on “The Emotions of Marketing” shortly.

Through podcasting and Digital Marketing, Lalit has garnered two lakhs within a short period and has many grand plans for the future. He says a pursuing mechanical engineer cannot dream of getting a pay package offer of 2 lakhs. A beaming Lalit says, but he could strike it through Digital Marketing.

Lalit thought of investing in an iPhone with the money he earned in digital marketing. But the entrepreneur side of Lalit persuaded him to invest the money in another venture as this ultimately would bring in more profit, so the iPhone can wait for Lalit.

DDIP gives this power as it gives a clear picture and helps to document the digital marketing strategy. 

Lalit has come a long way from a student who couldn’t afford to pay 15k for DDIP. With girth and determination, he pooled in the money and joined the course. Not only did he get 15k back, but he earned much more. It empowered him with priceless digital marketing knowledge, and not to forget, and he has the advocacy of the GURU Deepak Kankaraju. In totality, he got back much more than what it promised and some freebies too.

His soaring moment of joy was when Digital Deepak got on to a one-to-one call with him to share his DDIP experience on YouTube, a moment he will cherish in his life.

His farewell words were that he has taken the “first step” but needs to complete the stairs, and he says there is “no end to stairs”.

Life is all about turning the odds against you and finding a way forward. DDIP was the perfect launchpad for Lalit’s Digital journey to take off and has given the competence in his hands, and there is no stopping for Lalit!


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