Top 10 Machine Learning Courses in India

If you are looking at the top machine learning courses in India, then it is quite obvious that you are in the right place. There is a growing demand for machine learning courses or also AI or artificial intelligence as they are often referred to.

We are listing down ten such courses and we certainly believe that these courses could help analytics professionals, fresh students and also data scientists. It will help them to choose the right option for ramping up their skills in an industry that is becoming extremely competitive and tough.

We need to bear in mind that Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is still in it nascent stage as far as this country is concerned. The number of choices is now limited and therefore to the extent choosing the best ten should not be a problem. But it would be always better if there are more options to choose from and we believe that it will happen sooner than later.

1. Machine Learning From IIITB

This is perhaps one of the best when it comes to machine learning courses in the country today. The course was started in the year 2015 and today it is available across the entire length and breadth of the country.

It is an online course having duration of 11 months and the total cost is around Rs. 285,000 inclusive of all taxes. The course covers the basics of machine learning and also teaches quite a bit about artificial intelligence.

2. Foundations On Artificial Intelligence – IIIT Hyderabad

This is one of the oldest courses and IIIT Hyderabad has been offering this course since 1998. The course is available in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. It is a hybrid program offered during the weekends. The program is for a period of 14 weeks and the cost of the program is roughly around rupees two hundred thousand, excluding taxes.

The program has been developed by IIT Hyderbad’s Kohli Center. This is one of the most well known and premier research centers for artificial intelligence and other such events. The program covers computer vision, cognitive sciences, data sciences, robotics and much more.

Hence, there are reasons to believe that it could be a contender for the top machine learning courses in the country today. The organizers of this course have a tie up and understanding with TalentSprint.

3. PG Program in Machine Learning And AI From Gurugram

This is another famous course that has been around since 2013 and it is available in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune. The program has a format that includes weekend classroom sessions combined with online options.

The duration of the program is for one year and covers a total of 400 plus of learning hours. The cost is around 325,000 rupees plus taxes.

4. Machine Learning & AI Program By Jigsaw Academy

This is a program that is offered by Jigsaw Academy and it has been on since 2011. While the brick and mortar course is available in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru the online version is available across the world.

Hence it is one of the best hybrid and online courses on AI in the country today. It is quite affordable with a price tag of around Rs.48000. The total program is for a period of 24 weeks. This is an institute that has won awards and is believed to offer industry ready practitioners.

The course covers various areas such as big data, data science, machine learning, deep learning and IoT. The course organizers Jigsaw Academy has tie up with other organizations like Citibank, Flipkart, GSK, WNS, Applied Materials, Reliance Industries Limited and others.

5. Post Graduate Certified Program in AI & Deep Learning – Manipal ProLearn

The course has been around since 2015 and headquarter is at Bengaluru. The course covering Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning has presence across the globe because it is an online course. The program is for a period of 6 months covering 340 plus manhours.

The total cost of the course is around Rs.150,000 plus taxes. This is a quality instructor oriented and organized program for individuals who are graduates having basic knowledge of programming. It helps such students to build a good and paying career in AI.

6. Applied Machine Learning Course

This course is offered by Applied AI Institute from Hyderabad. The course is comparatively new and has been running since 2017. This is an online course the entire course has duration of 1 year and covers 140 plus hours. It is an affordable course costing just Rs.29,500. It has a unique curriculum that has the main objective of bridging between the skill sets and industry requirements of students aspiring to build a career on AI and machine learning.

7. Diploma In Machine Learning (PG) – Amity Online

This is a very new course on machine learning and has been around only since 2018. The course right now is available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Noida. It is an online course and runs for 11 months and has a total coverage of 400 hours. The cost of the course is Rs.135,000. The name of the course is Careers Of Tomorrow and focuses fully on online learning in areas that are equal to AI-ML, Business Analytics and other such field.

8. Program On Artificial Intelligence From Columbia University

The program is named as Pearson Professional Programs and is covered across the entire country. It is a blended program covering both online and brick and mortar teaching methods.

The course is for a period of six months and runs for 240 hours. In terms of cost it is around 72,000 rupees plus taxes. The program is considered good because it partners with many big educational institutions. The best of trainers, content providers and faculty are available for the course.

9. Masters In ML and AI by ZekeLabs

ZekeLabs is headquartered in Bangalore and the course was started in the year 2016. The course has two areas to it. Classroom sessions are for students from Bangalore and online sessions are for those who want to learn it from any part of the world.

The course cost varies from Rs.25,000 to Rs.250,000 based on the type of program that students choose. The course is clearly focused on re-skilling, skilling up-skilling and also other cutting-edge technologies. It also covers deep learning, cloud, apart from AI and Machine Learning.

10. MindMajix Technologies INC – Artificial Intelligence

The course first started in 2012 and since then it is very popular. The headquarters of the program is located at Bangalore and the course is available across all cities in the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

This is a short duration course for 30 hours and could extend to 5 days. The total cost is just Rs.30000 making it one of the low cost options without compromising on quality on areas related to AI and machine learning.

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